Runner Gratitude – Race Expo Speakers

You can have wonderful opportunities — at little or no cost — to see and hear very talented runners speak at some of the most significant points in your running life: at expositions before your races!

For example, I got to see and hear two super-talented runners speak in an auditorium at the site of an expo for Big Sur International Marathon:

Jeff Galloway — U.S. Olympian and pioneer in what I call micro-level pacing, in which you repeatedly alternate between running for several seconds or minutes and walking for several seconds or a minute or more
Dean Karnazes — Ultramarathoner and author of 50/50, in which he tells his story of running 50 marathons in 50 states across the USA in 50 days
And the speeches were free, even for non-registrants for the marathon, 21-miler, or other Big Sur race the next day!


You have seen and heard these or other great speakers at your own race expos.
You have known about these kinds of speeches but have ignored them.
You never noticed — until now — that these speeches were available.
No matter whether you put yourself in the first, second, or third group, you can leverage the Law of Attraction in your favor as a runner by regularly reading statements of gratitude for race expo speakers and dwelling on the positive emotions associated with those statements.

Here are several statements of gratitude that you can use as-is or can edit to your own style or taste.

I am very grateful that great speakers take time to speak at my race expos.
I love being able to see and hear famous runners in person the day before a race.
I am thankful that I can use these speakers’ experiences for my own education and inspiration right before my races.
I appreciate that some of my race expo speakers may travel thousands of miles to speak to other runners and me right before our race.
I feel a lot of gratitude for being able to interact directly with very talented speakers as well as fellow racers before, during, and after these expo speeches.
I am grateful for how these race expo speeches let me put a face and a voice to the words that I read in Runner’s World, other magazines, and blog posts.
I love being able to approach a race expo speaker and shake his or her hand while expressing my appreciation for the running inspiration that I have gotten from him or her.
For best results, put your list of statements on your calendar as a daily or weekly appointment with yourself. Then follow your plan so that you can activate the Law of Attraction in your favor!

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